VoIP Toll Free Numbers

Most voice over internet protocol phone companies, or VoIP companies, will supply you with a VoIP 800 number, but they aren't cheap. Toll free numbers aren't real in the sense that they ring to a fixed phone in a fixed location like a land line number does. Toll free numbers are attached to a landline number, cell phone number or VoIP phone number, and when you call the toll free number, it forwards the caller to whatever number you associated with that toll free number.

Get Service From One Of These Companies:

Kall8 VoIP Toll Free Service The best tollfree company to use with VoIP numbers is Kall8. Kall8's toll free service lets you manage your toll free number online. What that means is that you can set up your toll free number to ring to any US phone number, including your VoIP router number, and if you need to run out to the store or something, and you want your toll free to ring to your cell phone, you can just log on to your account and switch the ring-too number. Check out this website esacontactnumber.com for more details about phone numbers .

The second company I would suggest is called Powernet Global and is a regular long distance phone company. But, Powernet Global's toll free service is only 3.9 cents per minute state to state, and since we are talking about a VoIP phone number here, make sure you get one in a state that has really low instate long distance rates. Michigan is a state that has really low instate rates, so you might want a local number from there to use with your toll free number.

Once you get signed up with PNG, you can just call them up when you want to change the ring-to number on your VoIP 800 number account, and they will usually have it switched within 15 minutes. (At least that's how long it used to take when I had my toll free number with them.)